8-daagse internationale rondreis Bulgarijë, Rodopi - Sawadee
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Internationale groepsreis Bulgaria: Rodopi Mountains

Spectacular trekking in Bulgaria's mountain landscape


  • Stunning mountain landscapes with deep gorges, spectacular caves, ancient forests and flowering meadows. Unique flora rich in orchids and endemic species. Outstanding fauna, including brown bear, wallcreeper and an exceptional variety of rare butterflies. Unique opportunities to experience daily life in a traditional Bulgarian village. Delicious home-produced local cuisine


  • Walking & Trekking
  • Centre-Based
  • Wildlife Walks

Route 8 daagse Groepsrondreis Bulgaria: Rodopi Mountains

The Rodopi Mountains are a hauntingly beautiful and mysterious region which, according to legend were the home of Orpheus. Today they offer a refuge for many exceptionally rare plants, as well as brown bears, wolves, wild cats and a prolific number of butterflies and birds.This holiday provides the opportunity to discover the amazingly rich cultural and natural heritage of these remote mountains as we walk through a variety of landscapes including ancient coniferous forests and rugged limestone gorges, we also visit two impressive caves, and engage with the local people who maintain their traditional rural existence, working the fields by hand and tending their livestock on the surrounding meadows and pastures.

  1. Dag 1 - Start Sofia Airport; transfer to Yagodina.
  2. Dag 2 - Walk from Zmeitsa along route of ancient Roman road through meadows, forests and fields to the Buinovo Gorge.
  3. Dag 3 - Walk along the Chairska Gorge; cross the Trigrad Plateau and visit the Devil's Throat Cave.
  4. Dag 4 - Walk around Mt Durdaga through a variety of habitats with rich flora and fauna.
  5. Dag 5 - Traversing the highest peaks of the Rodopi along the Perelik Ridge and Mt. Golyam Snezhnik.
  6. Dag 6 - Sveti Ilia ridge walk with panoramic views over Yagodina and most of the Rodopi.
  7. Dag 7 - Buinovo Gorge and Devinska Reka. Transfer to Sofia.
  8. Dag 8 - End Sofia.
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