10-daagse internationale groepsreis IJsland - Sawadee Reizen
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Internationale groepsreis Iceland Explorer

Discover Iceland's star attractions and wild side with vast glaciers, picturesque fjords and rugged coastline.


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    • Visit Iceland's Golden Circle of Geysir, Thingvellir and Gullfoss. Dramatic scenery of the Snæfellsnes Peninsula. Striking black-sand and iceberg-strewn Diamond Beach24-hour sunlight in summer or possibility to see Northern Lights in winter

Route 10 daagse Groepsrondreis Iceland Explorer

Iceland is a vast, evocative country, constantly changing and evolving through the sheer power of the geological forces that created it. There is a huge amount to see outside of the better known tourist spots of the south. Geysir, Thingvellir and Gullfoss are understandly popular, and we visit them before continuing on to explore areas less frequented by the average visitor. The starkly beautiful Icelandic coastline, the immense glaciers and the beauty of the Eastern Fjords are just some of the treasures that await, to say nothing of the almost indescribable geology of the north.On this busy itinerary, choose between the frozen landscape of the winter, when we see the sun rise and set every day and have the chance of Northern Lights, and the seemingly endless days of summer with 24-hour daylight. It's no surprise that so many blockbusters and TV series are filmed here. As dramatic landscapes go, this takes some beating.

  1. Dag 1 - Our trip begins in Reykjavik with a short briefing at the hotel.
  2. Dag 2 - Visit Thingvellir volcanic rift, Geysir waterspouts and Gullfoss Waterfall; to Hella.
  3. Dag 3 - Across southern Iceland towards the Eyafjallajokull Volcano Ice Cap, visiting Kvernufoss and Skógafoss Waterfalls plus sea-cliffs, famous for puffins and on to the beautiful Jokulsarlon Glacier Lagoon.
  4. Dag 4 - Today we explore the beautiful east of Iceland, full of glistening fjords, fishing villages and rich widlife.
  5. Dag 5 - Studlagil Canyon, Saenautasel farm, Dettifoss Waterfall and the volcanic Myvatn area.
  6. Dag 6 - Lake Myvatn, Hverfjell, Godafoss, Akureyri
  7. Dag 7 - Siglufjordur, Hofsos, Borgarvirki, Kolugljúfur Canyon
  8. Dag 8 - Snæfellsnes Peninsula, vikings and Stykkisholmur
  9. Dag 9 - Follow the Snæfellsnes coast before starting back for Reykjavik
  10. Dag 10 - Our trip ends in Reykjavik after breakfast.
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